My design philosophy embraces a deep understanding of people. I incorporating behavioral psychology and design thinking as methods of crafting great brands and experiences.  Im interested in working with teams who are solving some of the world's most important problems and aim to have a positive impact on humanity.



Designing experiences requires a holistic approach and total authenticity. That's why I always start with the why. It's hard work, answering why a project is important or why people should care. It's not enough to have a good idea if others don't understand why that idea matters. So, we define it together. We answer the hard questions to clarify the vision and then we translate that vision into a brand personality, a product and a strategy. But defining it is just the beginning. The work I do with companies helps them understand their value, their differentiators and the tools their teams needs to accomplish their vision. Often, this process involves research, strategy conversations, brand pillars, messaging, high fidelity interfaces, interaction design, art direction, or websites. And that's just a slice. Every piece informs and influences another, crafting an entire journey for the customer. My goal is to create products and services that matter. Because the ones that matter will be successful. 



For over 10 years, Betsy’s work has helped define brands and experiences for various companies including Salesforce, Yelp, TokBox, and Telefonica Digital. After co-founding Health IQ, a mobile game aimed at increasing global health literacy, Betsy continues to work with mission-driven, early stage companies — using design thinking to create consistent brand and digital product experiences. Betsy's portfolio includes e-commerce, health, IoT, gaming and SAAS clients. She is currently Head of Design for Kelvin, Inc., an artificial intelligence and automation company.

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