Does this technology make me look ___?

The evolution of technology and its effect on human behavior fascinates me. I chose design as a career because of its influence on our relationship with technology. These questions continue to surface: how can we design invisible technology for a more organic, human experience? How can we empower lifelong learning? Technology is a powerful instrument, but I believe the Design Thinking process is the key to crafting genuine, valuable, human experiences.

It started with my dream of becoming an architect. 

My father was a builder. I grew up watching him bring ideas to life. From the drawing table to the finish work, building something took research, strategic thinking and creativity. The end user was at the heart of everything he built and the outcome was a truly unique, personal product. In my work as an art director and experience designer, I help architect complex systems. I translate blueprints into fluid experiences, meaningful stories and instinctive products. 

Learning about unique people and cultures of the world calls for a curious, intrepid explorer.

Whether on the trail, a yoga mat, riding a bike, traveling, painting, or in the kitchen, you'll find me exploring, experimenting and looking for the inspiration that influences my work. Inquisitively navigating the world reveals a lot about human behavior. Travel and adventure echo the design research process. Meeting people from all walks of life, immersing myself in new environments and learning to see through the lens of others has framed my empathic approach to problem solving.

The best leaders are strategic thinkers who bring a multidisciplinary, end-to-end approach to each challenge. 

A natural team captain, I've led in-house and contract teams from concept to launch, while also contributing at the vector and pixel level. My leadership style keeps teams focused and ensures laughter is part of the program. From strategy meetings with stakeholders, insight gathering, to producing high-fidelity interfaces, I am participating in every stage of the process. End-to-end design challenges have become my strength. I enjoy shaping the entire conversation, first impression through a continued, committed relationship with the user.

I am enthusiastic about the Education Studio as a place to impact the future of learning.

As an end-to-end designer, I’ve built experiences to educate people on the value of a product, or about the makers behind a brand. My most recent project explores how to educate people on the practicality of complementary medicine as a method of self care. Prior to this project, I co-founded Health IQ, an educational game aimed at improving global health literacy. I am excited to expand beyond software and define educational experiences which contribute to greater human connection. The Education Studio is a wonderful place to harbor my passion of empowering people through knowledge.

I'm ready.

Ready to take on bigger, bolder challenges with an exceptional, diverse team. I'm ready to expand my impact across industries and countries. IDEO is shaping the way we think about design as a mechanism to change the world. I want to change the world.


Explore some of my recent work. Learn more about my career history on LinkedIn or view my resume.