QuanticMind, formerly InsideVault, was gaining serious momentum as a more intelligent, online advertising solution. The progress they had made building new technology was extraordinary, but they needed their audience to place them as leader in the space. 

Poised for a rebrand, they came to me with a big task: develop a logo, design language, brand voice and content for a comprehensive website in a few months. I said yes and we hit the ground running.

Creative Director:  brand & content strategy, site architecture, lead visual and experience design, project management

Team: VP Marketing, Creative Director, Art Director, Copywriter, video crew, 2 developers

Timeline: 4 months


The team at Hi.Q had worked 10 months building and testing the Health IQ app and finally it was ready to launch. We decided to test a site that didn't just link to the app store, but instead informed our audience, and future investors, of the concept. The notion of a Health IQ was new. We had to convince others why it was so important, and revolutionary, even if in its infancy. The desire to be descriptive vs inspirational proved to be challenging.

With a fast approaching hard deadline, we pulled together and did it all — name, logo, copy, visuals, story. With a fair amount of audience research under our belts, we launched a version heavy on content, as a way to gather data on strategy.

Founding Designer: brand, lead visual and experience design, content strategy

Team: CEO, Founding Designer, Art Director, Front End Developer, Server Engineer

Timeline: 3 months


TokBox had recently pivoted from a consumer chat app to a B2B real-time communication platform. With an outdated brand and piece-meal marketing site, it was time to put some real thought behind audience, pricing and positioning.

We started from scratch, working with internal stakeholders and existing customers to understand audience segments. We dove into understanding key differentiators amongst similar offerings and from there, formed solid brand principles. Soon we were talking product benefits, customer success stories and target industries. After rounds of visual language concepts, tone of voice and a ton of copy, we released a very comprehensive, responsive, sexy site that gave a consumer appeal to a B2B company. It wasn't long after that TokBox was acquired by one of the largest communication companies in the world, Europe's Telefonica.

Creative Director: brand & content strategy, lead visual and experience designer, site architecture

Team: CEO, Creative Director, Art Director, Copywriter, Full Stack Engineer, Product Manager

Timeline: 10 months


Senior Designer: visual and experience designer, salesforce.com


Creative Director - various clients: brand & content strategy, visual/experience designer